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                                      Husro and Shirin is the historical

                                 love affair between the king of the Persian empire

                                 and the princess of Armenia, based on a true story which

                                  is set in the 6th century. 


                    Husro and Shirin follow the individual lives of

                                 three people across three cities, exploring the intimate

                                 details of their lives in Iran during this period.

                           It is as romantic and dramatic as Romeo and Juliet and much

                                              deeper than Cleopatra.

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                                Persian Dreams are the dreams of the women of Persia/Iran;

                           dreams of freedom of choice, freedom to choose the man they

                          wish to marry and freedom to become all that they can be. 


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                                    What happens when cultures collide and lovers are trapped

                             in the wreckage? What happens when religion and feelings

                             conflict, leading  people in different directions? Russ is an

                             English physician, a Christian  missionary, who is in Iran in

                             the first part of the twentieth century.

                             Marjan is the wife of a Persian (Iranian) businessman, a

                             Muslim, who was Russ’s patient. They fall in love, a love that

                             is forbidden by their cultures, a love that is forbidden by their


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