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Anonymous reviewer

Do you know the tale of Romeo and Juliet ? Of course, you do! How about the tale of Khosrow and Shirin ? If you are a westerner, this is probably less likely. Khosrow and Shirin is a famous Persian tragic romance written in the 12th century and lucky reader; it is retold in Maryam Tabibzadeh’s book, Husro & Shirin: Persian Legends in Love ! 

This was a swift read, not only due to its minute length but because I was so engrossed in the drama I couldn’t put it down! Husro (and Khosrow) means King, and in this story, the Husro Parviz loves the Princess Shirin. The romance begins in their youth when Parviz dreams he will one day marry the most beautiful woman. In his search for the woman meeting the dream’s description, he discovers that the Armenian Princess Shirin must be his foretold bride. Over the years, the two fall in love but a series of artfully crafted events keep them from being together until they are well into middle-age. 

This story has all of the components of an epic legend: the princess more beautiful than any other woman, the daring and intelligent King, wise advisors and prophecies, a love triangle, a war that delays true love, marriage to another, and of course tragic death.  


February 21, 2018, 12:28 pm - The reviewer wrote:

What an epic tale! I love how Parviz is proved to be a good and worthy king in the way he tries* to honorably handle Farhad. I also love the characterization of Shirin as noble and chaste. She denies him time and time again until they are married. They are both examples of true royalty. And the ending! Rip my heart out! I wonder if Shakespeare based his Juliette ending on Shirin?

 In this rich epic novel, Maryam Tabibzadeh, brings anticipating readers fifty years of forgone Persian history filled with love, anguish and passion. She invites readers to follow along as she retells the intriguing story of a love that resembles that of Romeo and Juliette, and yet perhaps deeper than any love story ever told.

In this story we have Husro-Parviz: The mighty and forceful king of the Persian Empire. He is deeply in love with a woman that he cannot have, due to his dedication and loyalty to his country.

The woman he loves, Shirin, is the beautiful and strong princess of Armenia. Although, she has loved the magnificent Husro-Parviz deeply for a long time, she refuses to become his mistress. By her side is the handsome artist Farhad, who is fully devoted to, and loves, Shirin with his whole heart. He would give up his own life for her.

Maryam Tabibzadeh has composed a rich saga filled with intimacy, love, tragedy and joy. Writing from knowledge and experience, Tabibzadeh, brings readers a close look at the beautiful Persian culture back in the 6th century. She skillfully captures the poetry of this ancient tale with all its tragedy, splendor and glory. This story is a highly lustrous rendition of the stunning verses originally composed by, the renowned Persian poet Nizami.

Maryam Tabibzadeh has written a sumptuous and beautiful story that will captivate and intrigue readers to no end. It is polished and crisp with a style that is like no other. I was drawn in right from the very first chapter, enthralled and emotionally captivated. The language transcends ordinary storytelling and is impressive and lavish. With rich poetry and song lyrics, this novel will have readers mesmerized and transfixed.

Husro & Shirin: Persian Legends in Love is a highly intelligent novel written by an educated, talented and unique voice. The characters are deep, true and authentic. They are fully developed with intriguing personalities.

The descriptive writing takes this book to a higher level. The beautiful descriptions of the architecture, surroundings, objects and individuals are extremely visual and satisfying. Readers will be enthralled and engaged from beginning to end.

This novel has a lot going on. I will not spoil it by giving away too many details. The plot is full and rich, all the way to the wonderful satisfying conclusion. This is a brilliant, entertaining read about history, love and the lives of those living in 6th century Persian culture. The book is a must read 5 star novel.

All in all, Husro & Shirin: Persian Legends in Love, is a splendid sweet love story that transcends time and space. It is filled with romance, poetry, tragedy and much more. I highly recommend Husro & Shirin: Persian Legends in Love to all discerning avid readers that love the best that literature can bring.

Jewel Hart

Manager-Book Reviews & Marketing/Social Media Expert

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